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Now having come to understand that we are all spiritual beings who have chosen to temporarily live a physical existence on this planet, certain musings are inevitable, and shared here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Integration of Realms

Back problems again. I found a new chiropractor who did a thorough examination of me. She handled the X-ray machine like a finely tuned instrument, having me open my mouth for the biggest shot, full length. Long interview. She kept asking "Is there anything else about you that I neeed to know?" Then she showed me the X-rays where she had drawn lines to show where I was crooked. Crooked little old man, bent this way and that all the way up my spine. She told me she would meet me again and tell me whether she would be able to help me or not. I met with her again and she did some adjustments, using muscle testing and all kinds of things, and told me she would would be able to help me. After the adjustments I definitely felt better, less pain, but she is determined to go for long term change, to get my spine to line up straight. I have lots of hope. I am seeing this three dimensional world lining up with the other more etheric realms working together. Yes, I have been doing some work in gettign in touch with the old issues that have gotten caught in my first chakra, at the base of my spine, but I am also needing a strong committment from a skilled person in this 3D realm. I feel my chiropractor's intense focus and determination. I can trust that.


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