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Now having come to understand that we are all spiritual beings who have chosen to temporarily live a physical existence on this planet, certain musings are inevitable, and shared here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

More to Come

Hafidha asked where I was. Thanks for missing me. I've been intending to post another entry. I have been exceptionally busy in my life, but there have been other times when I was just as busy and I still posted. I am not sure, perhaps I have gotten a bit bogged down (pun intended) by the blog world. It seems that it is mostly "in the head" and I have been consciously breathing and centering myself much more in the heart. And then to post an entry becomes more difficult. I haven't been reading blogs much either for the same reason. It all, even the good stuff, sounds like yada, yada, yada to me. Maybe it has to do with being in the liminal space. Don't give up on me yet as I am sure I will start posting again. Blessings.


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