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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Recovery Poem

My 11 year old daughter was reading poetry to me this morning before school from a wonderful book by Shel Silverstein and I was very struck by one:

Morgan’s Curse
By Shel Silverstein

Followin’ the trail on the old treasure map,
I came to the spot that said “Dig right here.”
And four feet down my spade struck wood
Just where the map said a chest would appear.
But carved in the side were written these words:
“A curse upon he who disturbs this gold.”
Signed, Morgan the Pirate, Scourge of the Seas.
I read these words and my blood ran cold.
So here I sit upon untold wealth
Tryin’ to figure which is worse:
How much do I need this gold?
And how much do I need this curse?

For those readers who are in recovery or who know someone who is, I know that returning to the addiction looks and smells like a treasure for the moment; "untold wealth" it is to feel high again, to have that brief but unmistakable feeling of letting go, or peace from the pain, of distraction from this crazy world. I am much impressed by the narrator of the poem who allows himself/herself to sit and consider the choice, and I invite you to do so as well.

And blessings to you, dear Shel, wherever you are in the other realms, I am sure you are still sharing your artistic self.


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