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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What Happens After We die? Part Two: Q & A

Q: Do your illustrations (in Part One) accurately depict the after death process for everyone?

A: The experience will certainly be unique to each individual. One’s belief systems play a very important part in determining what kind of experience one will have. For example, if a person strongly believes that he or she must wait quietly in the coffin for the second coming of Christ, then that individual may in fact find herself in such a coffin waiting. Those who die suddenly or violently may have a more difficult time and may not even be aware that they are dead. They may actually spend a long time hanging around people and places they were used to, and may not even enter the near Earth realms. Those who commit suicide as a desperate act may be so caught up in intensely disturbing emotions that they may carry those emotions into the near Earth realms and re-create the experience there, getting stuck in suffering and misery in a kind of self made hell. (A good example of this on the silver screen is “What Dreams May Come.”) Those who are absolutely convinced that there is nothing after death may find themselves in a kind of nothingness. After a time, they will probably become aware that they are in nothingness, which means they are somewhere, and then they will awaken to the possibilities of the near Earth realms.

Q: What is beyond the near Earth realms, how many folks make it there, and how does one get there?
A: There is another door which leads to the Crystalline Realms, and then another door leading to the Bridge of Flowers which goes to the higher angelic realms. St. Germaine says that about 20% of folks make it there. There are a number of ways to get there, and there are many angelic beings ready to assist anyone who is interested in moving on. However, most of us have spent so many lifetimes on Earth that we have gotten a bit stuck in biology, and we are having a difficult time going to our “true home” in the higher angelic realms. There is no judgment about this, and no timetable we must follow. We are all very powerful angelic beings and have total freedom to express ourselves in whatever way we wish to do so. Buddhist monks will dedicate their entire lives to practicing how to move through the near Earth realms (they call them bardos) and move beyond. When they talk about their spiritual practice, it is ultimately “practice for dying.” The good news is that it is actually much easier to work through all our unresolved issues, fears, angers, resentments, etc. while still alive than it is after we die. It is also my sense that this work is easier now than it has ever been. This is because more and more people have done and are doing this work and evolving into humans with a higher vibration. The reality of these forerunners somehow makes it easier for the rest of us to follow.

Q: What is a Dreamwalker?
A: A Dreamwalker is a human being who contracts with a dying person to be a guide for them through the other realms after death.

Q: How can such a thing be?
A: The Dreamwalker, if possible, spends time with the dying person prior to death, connecting their energies. After the person’s death, the Dreamwalker Guide stays linked to that person’s spirit. The Dreamwalker Guide will stay with the person as he or she gets used to being dead, goes through the experience of the light and the life review, goes to his or her funeral, etc. Then the Dreamwalker Guide will lead the way on a special path through the other realms. The Dreamwalker Guide knows the path to the Crystalline Realm and through that beautiful realm to the Bridge of Flowers. The Dreamwalker Guide is not there to advise or instruct the client, or to in any way try to persuade the client to follow a particular path. The client is recognized and honored as the powerful angelic being she or he is, and the absolute freedom that such a being has. The client can travel and experiment in many ways through the near Earth realms. The Dreamwalker Guide simply stays connected to the client and stands on the path, moving forward with the client as she or he desires. The dreamwalk goes on twenty four hours a day, but the Dreamwalker Guide still ahs to tend to his or her life and other responsibilities. Consequently the Dreamwalker Guide commits to spending an hour a day in intense connection with the client. At other times, much may actually go on outside the Dreamwalker Guide’s conscious awareness, but when the hour intense time comes around again, the Guide’s consciousness will catch up to what is going on.

Q: What happens if the client decides to stay and play in the near Earth realms and doesn’t want to go on to the other realms?
A: Of course the client is free to so choose, and the Dreamwalker Guide would simply end the dreamwalk once he or she was certain that this was the case. Typically the Dreamwalker Guide will go two or three additional days after feeling the dis-connection prior to terminating the dreamwalk, just to be sure.

Q: What about different religious and spiritual beliefs? Does one have to believe in reincarnation for example in order to contract with a Dreamwalker Guide prior to death?
A: There is no requirement to believe in reincarnation, or Jesus, or God, or Buddha, or Allah, or even an afterlife. Of course one’s beliefs have an impact on what one experiences after death, but the Dreamwalker Guide has no judgment or agenda in regard to religion or spiritual beliefs or practices. He or she is simply there as a guide to stay connected to the client and to show them the path to the higher realms if they are interested in traveling such a road.

Q: How can I learn more about Dreamwalking?
A: There is a special Dreamwalking school which is part of the Crimson Circle group. They sponsor another website more specifically about Dreamwalking at


  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger fictionman said…

    That Day Will Never Come
    When I am born, that day will never come.
However, if ever I was...
Oh, how I would long to be rocked in the cradle of civilization.

I have been circling the rings of Saturn all these years.
I feel to be caught spinning in galactic gears.

If I get home safely tonight.
I will then know where I live.
Otherwise, I will camp my feet.
where the moment decrees.

I had painted an arrow towards the future.
As soon as it dried it disappeared.
Looking deep into the past.
There were shades of shadows of moving targets.

I could carry my weight in gold.
I could also break my back hauling heaven.
Both are made heavy by longing and want.

I am made to snap the hinges of heavens golden gates.
I enter and leave like a tourist,
barefoot and ragged.
Rich as a river of liquid light.
I come and go as I please.
Gates, doors, walls.
These things are a little like rain, only rain.

When I die, and I promise you that will never happen,
The entire universe will turn into a mustard seed.
Hot dogs for everyone!
    © David L. Nelson & Focus Fine Arts® 2006


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