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Now having come to understand that we are all spiritual beings who have chosen to temporarily live a physical existence on this planet, certain musings are inevitable, and shared here.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

Day 26, Year 0000 NE 1430

Today I took a meditative walk in the woods. There was a light mist. The temperature was just a little cool. The canopy above was enough of an umbrella to keep out all but the most stubborn of rain drops. I walked slowly. I could smell the fecund ground covered with the autumn leaves that had already fallen on the trail, and the misty air.

I walked slowly and listened for sounds. There were no automobile sounds in the distance. I could just as well be in a place devoid of humans. Just when I felt the silence, it was broken by a fussing squirrel. I looked up and saw an harassing black bird fly away. The squirrel fussed a little more and was silent. Yet there was still a sound I could barely hear. There was slight movement in the trees and the foliage underneath. It was a slight sound, hardly noticeable but for the overall silence. It was the sound of the air itself moving ever so gently.

My breathing slowed as I took it all in. I could feel my feet touching the earth as I walked. The mind tries to fill in with chatter. I was aware of this and let it go. Next the body kicks in demanding attention. There is a slight uncomfortableness in the right shoe. There is a hint of gas in the gut. My balance isn't perfect. I let it all go as well.

I stop and stand still and look around. There are tree branches lying just over there that are telling me something. The way the branches are lying is communicating some crucially important message, but my mind cannot grasp it. I walk on a little further. There is a slight incline and I realize I am climbing ever so gently up. I notice another tree branch with a totally different message, equally ungraspable. It is time for another squirrel fuss, but this time I do not see the target of the chatter. Perhaps I am the target.

I breathe deeply and allow it all to enter into me. The path turns into steps, with wood carefully placed there to aid the traveler with each step. The steps are not uniform. Sometimes I have to take a long stride for each step, other times a short one. Sometimes my feet touch the ground twice in order to complete the step. I realize that I am involved in an ascension process and I am eager to continue. I reach the top and decide to descend. This is my life. Ascending and descending. Or perhaps the descending came first and the ascending second.

Finally, I am traveling light and full of hope. [4292]


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