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Monday, June 04, 2007

Informant in JFK Airport plot

Anthropologists learned long ago that it is impossible to observe a culture without altering that culture, so they no longer claim to do so. The FBI however not only observes these potential terrorist cells but sends informants to infiltrate those groups. The convicted drug dealer who infiltrated these "terrorist wannabes" actually volunteered to be the one who would “pull off” the bombing and was willing to die in the action. He convinced the others in the group that he would do so. What would have happened with this group had the informant not been present? Would someone else have volunteered to be the one to die? We will never know. Perhaps they would have done nothing but complain about how awful the US government is. Perhaps they would have done something terrible. The fact is that this informant was in the group and influencing the direction of the group. It was in his best interest to have the group decide to do something terrible because then his services to the FBI would be more valuable. Perhaps some of the group members were reluctant to actually do anything violent and dangerous, and he talked them into it. It is certainly possible that he created exactly what the FBI wanted to see.

Tom Corrigan, a former member of the FBI-NYPDD Joint Terrorist Task Force is quoted as saying: "Most time when an informant tells you what is going on, speculation becomes reality." I suspect that Mr. Corrigan may not be completley aware of what he is saying here. This may be literally true. The informant creates the reality by his presence. [3315]


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    Where are you? Are you gone for good, or is it just an hiatus?

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    hiatus, a good word - from German 'gähnen' meaning yawn -- new job, tired, happy but so tired, no time off, work - family - sleep, that is all many yawns throughout the day


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