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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gay Marriage in Iowa

Being from Iowa I thought I could throw in some brief comments about this newest development. On Thursday, August 30 Judge Robert Hanson of Polk County struck down as unconstitutional Iowa's law banning gay marriage. The order was stayed the next day, but not until 20 gay couples submitted applications for marriage licenses and one couple succeeded in getting married by a Unitarian minister Rev. Mark Stringer. Hurray for the UU movement!

It seems that the only appropriate response is to smile and to wish Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan the best. I have been married for 27 years and it is an odd thing to be committed to one person for so long. We each change and we are constantly readjusting our connection, re-learning how to love each other. So much is shifting in the energies all around us. It is such a blessing to have someone there next to me, supporting me and challenging me (even though she often challenges me when I want to be supported and supports me when I want to be challenged). I have taken for granted the special privileges that have been granted us by the state due to our marriage license. We were not married in Iowa but moved here from another state and I never gave it a thought to wonder if Iowa would honor that license.

Sean and Fritz have not had any of those perks to date. Now they are married, but they still have to wait out all kinds of court battles to see if that sticks. And even if it does, what happens if they want to move to another state?

It seems so strange to me that we are still fighting this battle. Why are people so worried? Sean and Fritz want to make a go of it. Can't we all at least have the courtesy to wish them well and to smile with them at this new beginning. If we are walking or driving and come across a wedding, doesn't a smile come to our face and/or a tear to our eye? Don't we who are not so young any more instinctively remember our youth and wish the new couple well? At least in Iowa we do. Let's not worry about the gender of the folks who are willing to make such a wonderful, exciting, difficult, crazy sort of commitment. After all, lots of straight couples are no longer willing or interested in doing so. [3957]


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